Innovation through our

Smart Evaporation





 Flavoring cards for dry foods



 Controlled evaporation of scents from desired surfaces

and materials.

Anti bacterial


 Can be applied on sufaces and intstuments with our Technology.



We are continiously wokrking

with new ideas and applications for our tehcnology. Contact us with your idea and lets work together on it.


Our story

Opes was established in 2014 by four enthusiastic entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our  Smart Evaporation Technology can be used to transfer different functional chemicals (such as flavour or scent) to basically any surface and allowing a controlled evaporation of the flavor or other substance.


Our first commercial product - Flavouring cards were launched in 2015 and are currently being sold in over 20 countries. The range of flavours is wide;

from sweet sensations like Blueberry, Cherry and Liquorice to cooler minty flavours such as Pure Menthol, Ice Cool Mint, Blueberry Menthol, something for everyone.


Opes Corporation is the sole producer of Flavouring Cards and holds various patents relating to technology and the application. Opes is producing flavour cards for various brands and also sales and markets it´s own Flavor card brand - Frizc.


Our production facility and R&D is located in Salo, Finland and employs 30 people. 




 Flavor cards is our first commercial product and it´s currently been sold in over 20 countries. 

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